Influence of current and voltage of the stepper motor

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       Generally when we use the motor will be affected by the current and voltage, and the stepping motor is not exceptional also, common stepper motor driver are constant current chopper, so in the practical application, the driving voltage, and the current driver settings, on the performance of stepping motor with what effect is there?
       Said popular point is the voltage affect the speed, the influence of current torque, torque frequency characteristic of stepping motor, are tested in a specific current at a particular voltage data, when the changes of current and voltage, the torque-frequency characteristics would change, but one-sided that influence the torque current, voltage impact velocity is not all right, whatever change in current or voltage will change the torque-frequency characteristics of stepping motor, to change the voltage also changed the stepper motor torque, change the current also changes the speed performance of stepping motor.
        That we are in use process need to pay attention to the following points:
1, in the motor torque enough cases, we try to keep the current setting than the rated current of the smaller file, so you can extend the life of stepper motor and drive;
2, increased voltage or electric current increases, will increase the stepper motor stepper motor heating, the temperature is too high will produce thermal demagnetization, so try to select motor specifications have a margin;
3, if the rated current is 80V drive, we try to use the following 70V, although the capacitors rated current 80V driver typically use DC110V, but the civilian electrical and industrial voltage fluctuation range, the instantaneous peak current electric press, power-up and power-down high, leaving some profit rate will greatly reduce the repair rate.

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